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  • Dalmadi, A.; Koncz, C.; Mur, Luis A. J.; Papp, I.; Dulai, S. (2004-07)
    In a genetic screen for Arabidopsis mutants displaying pleiotropic alterations in vegetative development and stress responses we have identified a T-DNA insertion mutation in the Cap Binding Protein 20 (CBP20) gene, that ...
  • Mur, Luis; Mondhe, M.; Papp, I.; Holton, N.; Hoertensteiner, S.; Kingston-Smith, Alison; Thomas, Howard; Ougham, Helen (2007-04)
    The hypersensitive response (HR) is a pathogen-localised cell death believed to contribute towards suppression of disease development. Amongst the key initiators of the HR are reactive oxygen species (ROS). We observed the ...

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