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  • Quested, Helen M.; Cornelissen, J. Hans C.; Press, MalcolmC; Callaghan, Terry V.; Aerts, Rien; Trosien, Frank; Riemann, Petra; Gwynn-Jones, Dylan; Kondratchuk, Alexandra; Jonasson, Sven E. (2003)
    Although hemiparasitic plants have a number of roles in shaping the structure and composition of plant communities, the impact of this group on ecosystem processes, such as decomposition and nutrient cycling, has been ...
  • Cornelissen, Johannes H. C.; van Bodegom, Peter M.; Aerts, Rien; Callaghan, Terry V.; van Logtestijn, Richard S. P.; Alatalo, Juha; Chapin, F. Stuart; Gerdol, Renato; Gudmundsson, Jon; Jones, Dylan; Hartley, Anne E.; Hik, David S.; Hofgaard, Annika; Jonsdottir, Ingibjorg S.; Karlsson, Staffan; Klein, Julia A.; Laundre, Jim; Magnusson, Borgthor; Michelsen, Anders; Molau, Ulf; Onipchenko, Vladimir G.; Quested, Helen M.; Sandvik, Sylvi M.; Schmidt, Inger K.; Shaver, Gus R.; Solheim, Bjørn; Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A.; Stenström, Anna; Tolvanen, Anne; Totland, Orjan; Wada, Naoya; Welker, Jeffrey M.; Zhao, Xinquan; Team, M.O.L (2007-07)
    Whether climate change will turn cold biomes from large long-term carbon sinks into sources is hotly debated because of the great potential for ecosystem-mediated feedbacks to global climate. Critical are the direction, ...

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