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  • Chalmers, Iain W; Fitzsimmons, Colin M; Brown, Martha; Pierrot, Christine; Jones, Frances M.; Wawrzyniak, Jakub M; Fernandez-Fuentes, Narcis; Tukahebwa, Edridah M.; Dunne, David W; Khalife, Jamal; Hoffmann, Karl F (2015-07)
    BACKGROUND: The heptalaminate-covered, syncytial tegument is an important anatomical adaptation that enables schistosome parasites to maintain long-term, intravascular residence in definitive hosts. Investigation of the ...
  • Farnell, Edward J; Tyagi, Nidhi; Ryan, Stephanie; Chalmers, Iain W; Pinot de Moira, Angela; Jones, Frances M; Wawrzyniak, Jakub; Fitzsimmons, Colin M; Tukahebwa, Edridah M.; Furnham, Nicholas; Maizels, Rick M.; Dunne, David W (2015-02-03)
    The IgE response has been associated with both allergic reactions and immunity to metazoan parasites. Recently, we hypothesized that all environmental allergens bear structural homology to IgE-binding antigens from metazoan ...

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