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  • Breen, Andrew; Fallows, Richard A.; Canals, A.; Ofman, L.; Moran, P. J. (2002-09)
    Interplanetary scintillation measurements can yield estimates of a large number of solar wind parameters,including bulk flow speed, variation in bulk velocity along the observing path through the solar wind and random ...
  • Breen, Andrew; Jones, R. A.; Fallows, Richard A.; Canals, A. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-08)
    Observations suggest that the interplanetary extensions of coronal mass ejections (iCMEs) may be accelerated or decelerated in their passage through the solar wind. Interplanetary scintillation measurements (IPS) can detect ...
  • Dorrian, Gareth (Aberystwyth UniversityMathematical and Physical Sciences, 2009)
    This thesis discusses new observations made of large scale solar wind structure during solar minimum conditions. The phenomena of interplanetary radio scintillation (IPS) is exploited and used in conjunction with white ...

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