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  • Giovannetti, Vittorio; Burgarth, Daniel Klaus; Mancini, Stefano (2009-01-13)
    A chain of interacting spin behaves like a quantum mediator (quantum link), which allows two distant parties that control the ends of the chain to exchange quantum messages. We show that over repeated uses without resetting ...
  • Yuasa, Kazuya; Burgarth, Daniel Klaus; Giovannetti, Vittorio; Nakazato, Hiromichi (2011-09-26)
    A scheme for preparing two fixed noninteracting qubits in a maximally entangled state is presented. By repeating on- and off-resonant scattering of ancilla qubits, the target qubits are driven from an arbitrary initial ...
  • Burgarth, Daniel Klaus; Bose, Sougato; Bruder, Christoph; Giovannetti, Vittorio (2009)
    We give a sufficient criterion that guarantees that a many-body quantum system can be controlled by properly manipulating the (local) Hamiltonian of one of its subsystems. The method can be applied to a wide range of ...
  • Burgarth, Daniel; Giovannetti, Vittorio (2011-09-27)
    We discuss an explicit protocol which allows one to externally cool and control a composite system by operating on a small subset of it. The scheme permits to transfer arbitrary and unknown quantum states from a memory on ...
  • Burgarth, Daniel Klaus; Giovannetti, Vittorio (2010-08-19)
    In this addendum to our paper [ D. Burgarth and V. Giovannetti Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 100501 (2007)] we prove that during the transformation that allows one to enforce control by relaxation on a quantum system, the ancillary ...

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