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  • Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Spahn, Peter; Snoswell, David R. E.; Yates, Gabrielle; Kontogeorgos, Andreas; Haines, Andrew I.; Hellmann, G. Peter; Baumberg, Jeremy J. (2011-02-22)
    A breakthrough in the field of large area photonic structures is reported, based on permanent ordering of solid polymeric films of sub-micrometer spheres by edge rotational-shearing. The resulting high-quality polymer opal ...
  • Kontogeorgos, Andreas; Snoswell, David R. E.; Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Baumberg, Jeremy J.; Spahn, Peter; Hellmann, G. Peter (2010-12-03)
    We use elastically induced phase transitions to break the structural symmetry of self-assembled nanostructures, producing significantly modified functional properties. Stretching ordered polymer opals in different directions ...
  • Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Haines, Andrew I.; Snoswell, David R. E.; Kontogeorgos, Andreas; Vignolini, Silvia; Baumberg, Jeremy J.; Spahn, Peter; Hellmann, G. Peter (2011)
    We report how the strength of resonant Bragg reflection from polymeric photonic crystals (polymer opals) varies linearly with the refractive-index contrast, Δn, in contrast to the quadratic buildup of Fresnel reflections ...

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