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  • Greaves, G. Neville; Wilding, Martin C.; Van, Quang Vu; Majérus, Odile; Hennet, Louis (AIP Publishing, 2009-01-29)
    Small angle x‐ray scattering (SAXS) has been measured in the wavevector range 0.01<Q<1 math−1 for supercooled yttria‐alumina melts using a laser‐heated aerodynamic furnace. SAXS intensity rises gradually with temperature ...
  • Wilding, Martin C.; Greaves, G. Neville; Van, Quang Vu; Majérus, Odile; Hennet, Louis (AIP Publishing, 2009)
    Changes in the structure factor of yttria-alumina liquids have been identified in the supercooled range. Different inter-polyhedral configurations between AlO4 and YO6 groups distinguish low density and high density liquid ...
  • Cristiglio, V.; Hennet, L.; Cuello, G. J.; Pozdnyakova, I.; Johnson, M. R.; Fischer, H. E.; Zanghi, D.; Van, Quang Vu; Wilding, Martin Charles; Greaves, Neville; Price, D. L. (2007)
    We used the aerodynamic levitation technique combined with CO2 laser heating to study the structure of liquid yttrium aluminates above theirmelting point with neutron diffraction. For various yttria contents, we determined ...

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