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  • Hannah, Matthew G. (2006-09)
    Torture can be understood as part of a geopolitical response to a discursively inflated threat. Public discussions of torture in the United States between 11 September 2001 and the May 2004 revelations of abuses at Abu ...
  • Merriman, Peter; Webster, Catrin (2009-10-23)
    In this written exchange we explore our parallel interests in landscape, movement and visuality.One of us (Catrin) is an artist and educator who, for 20 years, has been developing newapproaches to landscape; undertaking ...
  • Phillips, Richard; Jones, Rhys (2005-03)
    A critical genealogy of the emerging subfield of postcolonial geography illustrates how human geography has become historically shortsighted. Postcolonial geography interrogates the significance of imperialism and colonialism ...
  • Jones, Rhys (2004)
    This paper seeks to contribute to the debate concerning the current and future state of human geography by focusing on its changing treatment of the past. I argue that, while contemporary human geography has experienced a ...
  • Dixon, Deborah P.; Hawkins, Harriet; Straughan, Elizabeth R. (2013-04)
    Though not yet readily apparent in articles and book chapters, there is a burgeoning series of ‘in the field’ collaborations between geomorphologists and artists focused around the mutual exploration of ‘inspirational ...

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