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  • Gregory, K. J.; Macklin, Mark G.; Walling, D. E. (2006-05-15)
    Hydrological events with dramatic consequences have continued to occur throughout the year during which this volume was prepared. As reported in the media, such events arouse suspicion that their incidence is not easily ...
  • Gregory, K. J.; Benito, G.; Dikau, R.; Golosov, V.; Johnstone, E. C.; Jones, J. A. A.; Macklin, Mark G.; Parsons, A. J.; Passmore, D. G.; Poesen, J.; Soja, R.; Starkel, L.; Thorndydraft, V. R.; Walling, D. E. (2006-01-11)
    Information from the period of continuous instrumental observations can provide a context for present processes, and for future scenarios arising from global change. However, much research on periods longer than 100 years ...
  • Benito, G.; Dikau, R.; Golosov, V.; Parsons, A. J.; Jones, J. A. A.; Passmore, D. G.; Walling, D. E.; Starkel, L.; Gregory, K. J.; Poesen, J.; Macklin, Mark G. (2006)
    Despite general agreement that global climate change is taking place there is less consensus about the consequences and impacts that may arise. The possibility of greater climatic variability, with changes in the incidence ...

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