Other IGES research


Other IGES research


Recent Submissions

  • Cunningham, A. B.; Gerlach, R.; Spangler, L.; Mitchell, A. C.; Parks, S.; Phillips, A. (2011)
    If CO2 is injected in deep geological formations it is important that the receiving formation has sufficient porosity and permeability for storage and transmission and be overlain by a suitable low-permeability cap rock ...
  • Maltman, Alexander James (2008)
    Vineyard geology—bedrock and overlying soils—is widely supposed to help explain the typicity of wine from a particular area, though there has been little analysis of how this might come about. Such an evaluation is attempted ...
  • Douglas, Alex; Batalla, Ramon J.; Buendia, Cristina; Gibbins, Chris N.; Vericat Querol, Damian (2013-02)
    Fine sediment is one of the major sources of stream physical and ecological impairment worldwide. We assessed the ecological effects of fine sediment in an otherwise undisturbed catchment (the Isábena, NE Spain). Using ...
  • Jones, Rhys D. (2011-11-08)
    This paper explores the relationship between the presence and absence of Islamic communities in western Wales. Commencing with a discussion of the literatures on the geographies of Islam and rural exclusion, I argue that ...

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