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  • Thurston, Luke (2013)
    Starting from Bowen's ‘Anglo-Irish’ identity as a mark of the split self, I trace her literary exploration of non-belonging by looking at how her early work, above all in the short story, draws her uncannily close to the ...
  • Thurston, Luke (Cambridge University Press, 2004-07)
    From its very beginning, psychoanalysis sought to incorporate the aesthetic into its domain. Despite Joyce's deliberate attempt in his writing to resist this powerful hermeneutic, his work has been confronted by a long ...
  • Thurston, Luke (Other Press Books, 2003-02)
  • Thurston, Luke (2008-09-01)
    My aim in the following essay is a double one: both to revisit an old haunt of Joycean criticism – a political interpretation of „The Dead‟, that dangerous textual supplement Joyce added to Dubliners in the autumn of 1907 ...
  • Thurston, Luke (2008)
    “We’re splinters & mosaics; not, as they used to hold, immaculate, monolithic, consistent wholes,” wrote Virginia Woolf in her diary. We should pause over the two terms neatly joined by Woolf’s ampersand, for they suggest ...

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