Archives and Records Management


Archives and Records Management


Recent Submissions

  • Wood-Fisher, Clare; Higgins, Sarah; Tedd, Lucy; Gough, Richard; Staniforth, Amy; Morgan, Menna (2011-10-31)
    This paper describes a research project being undertaken for a Masters of Philosophy degree which investigates how knowledge can be transferred from large organizations to small ones. The area being investigated involves ...
  • Higgins, Sarah (Facet, 2012-01-31)
    The lifecycle of data management considers lifecycle planning for data management from initial conception to appraisal or re-use. It considers the development of workflows for data management through both the curation and ...
  • Higgins, Sarah (UNESCO, 2013-03-11)
    Collaboration between libraries, archives and museums (LAMS) is undertaken in a continuum which starts with an initial understanding of the differences between the disciplines, and can lead to full convergence with a shared ...
  • Higgins, Sarah (2008-07-31)
    Lifecycle management of digital materials is necessary to ensure their continuity. The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model has been developed as a generic, curation specific, tool which can be used, in conjunction with relevant ...
  • Fairley, Elizabeth; Higgins, Sarah (Digital Curation Centre, 2009-07-13)
    This report was produced for the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) as a SCARP Life Sciences case study. The DCC SCARP project, funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), investigates disciplinary attitudes and ...

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