Publishing and e-Publishing


Publishing and e-Publishing


Recent Submissions

  • Tedd, Lucy A. (2009)
    This paper introduces the concepts of open access publishing and institutional repositories. Examples of such repositories are given. An overview is provided of projects being funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee ...
  • Armstrong, Chris (2008-09)
    Over recent years there has been considerable confusion over the use of the term ‘e-book’, and this article examines the variety of definitions used to date while proposing a definitive construct. Beginning by examining ...
  • Lonsdale, Ray; Armstrong, Chris (2008-04-01)
    The market for e-books has taken off, particularly in the world of education. Aggregators provide easy access to large collections of titles from many publishers through a single interface. The article is a comparative ...
  • Urquhart, Christine (2006-01)
    In the article by Beckstead and Beckstead (this issue) one approach to the mapping of a discipline and its influences is discussed. Multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) is used to position nursing theorists in relation to their ...
  • Tedd, Lucy A. (2005)
    This paper provides a broad and general international overview of ebooks in academic libraries. The inconsistent terminology relating to ebooks is noted in the first section and a brief history of ebooks and some current ...

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