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  • Marshall, Michael H.; Lamb, Henry F.; Davies, Sarah J.; Leng, Melanie J.; Kubsa, Zelalem; Umer, Mohammed; Bryant, Charlotte (2009-08-01)
    Lake Ashenge, a closed-basin lake near the northernmost penetration of summer monsoon rains, is well placed to provide a continental record of past changes in the strength of the African monsoon system. Diatom and oxygen ...
  • Metcalfe, Sarah; Davies, Sarah J. (2007-07-04)
    Central Mexico contains a large number of lake basins offering opportunities for climatic reconstruction. The area has, however, also been the focus for human settlement since the time of the earliest occupation of the ...
  • Davies, Sarah J.; Metcalfe, S. E.; Caballero, M.; Juggins, S. (2002-01)
    This paper is the first attempt to produce diatom-based transfer functions for the northern tropical Americas. A dataset of 53 modern diatom samples and associated hydrochemical variables from 31 sites in the volcanic ...
  • Davies, Sarah J.; Metcalfe, S. E.; MacKenzie, A.; Newton, A.; Endfield, Georgina H; Farmer, John G (2004-01)
    Lago de Zirahuén (19° 26 N, 101° 44 W) lies within a montane basin in highland Michoacán, Mexico at 2075 m a.s.l. The lake basin has high recreational value and is promoted as a tourist attraction. Four short (
  • Davies, Sarah J.; Metcalfe, S. E.; Chacon, A.; Bernal-Brooks, F.; Farmer, John G; MacKenzie, Angus B; Newton, Anthony J (2005-08)
    We provide evidence of rapid, recent environmental change in two lakes in the highlands of central Mexico. Multiple sediment cores were obtained from Lago de Zirahuén (Michoacán) and Laguna de Juanacatlán (Jalisco). Analysis ...
  • Lamb, Henry F.; Bates, C. Richard; Coombes, Paul V.; Marshall, Michael H.; Umer, Mohammed; Davies, Sarah J.; Dejen, Eshete (2007-02-01)
    High-resolution seismic data from Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile in northern Ethiopia, reveal a deep sedimentary sequence divided by four strong reflectors. Data from nearshore cores show that the uppermost strong ...
  • Metcalfe, S. E.; Davies, Sarah J.; Braisby, J.; Leng, Melanie J.; Newton, Anthony J; Terrett, Nicola L; O'Hara, Sarah L (2007-04-30)
    Data are presented from four new cores from the Pátzcuaro basin in the volcanic highlands of central Mexico, which provide new insights into climate change and human impact over the last 23,000 cal. yr (19,000 14C yr) BP. ...

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