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  • Welsh Repository Network (2011-03-15)
    Case Studies from each of the Welsh Repository Network (WRN) partners describing their institutional repository development over the course of the WRN Enhancement Project. Transcripts for further evaluation interviews with ...
  • Knowles, Jackie (2010-06)
    Accompanying presentation to a hands-on, practical workshop highlighting copyright issues with potential repository deposits.
  • Kerridge, Simon (2010-05)
    Overview of CRIS (Current Research Information Systems).
  • Payne, Hannah (University of Wales, Newport, 2010-06-14)
    Presentation delivered at the 2010 Newport NEXUS Conference advocating the role a repository can play in promoting and managing an institution's research online.
  • Payne, Hannah; Knowles, Jackie (Welsh Repository Network, 2010-03-22)
    Lecture given to the Digital Records module group, Department of Information Studies, Aberystwyth University, 22 March 2010.
  • Pennock, Maureen; Lewis, Stuart (ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences), 2007-04)
  • Thomas, Helen (2008-06-09)
    A case study of institutional repository developments at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.
  • Corfield, Antony; Payne, Hannah; Isaac-Richards, Ioan; Robson, Glen (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT), 2010-07-06)
    The Welsh e-thesis harvesting service has been developed as part of the JISC funded Welsh Repository Network Enhancement Project (WRN-EP) in conjunction with the National Library of Wales (NLW). The purpose of this service ...
  • Andrews, Tracey (WRN Repository Stream: Gregynog Colloquium 2009, 2009-06-10)
    Presentation detailing Cardiff University's new JISC funded I-WIRE project which is looking to integrate the University's institutional repository 'ORCA' with the University's MWE (Modern IT Working Environment).
  • Institutional Repository & Metadata Team (2014-10)
    International Open Access Week poster - Aberystwyth October 2014
  • Tritton, Roger (2014-10-24)
    This was a talk presented by JISC's Roger Tritton for International Open Access Week 2014 at a REF & OA event held at Aberystwyth Art Centre's Cinema.
  • Welsh Repository Network (2011-02-18)
    Slides from the Theses Collection Wales launch including programme of events.
  • Knowles, Jackie (Welsh Repository Network, 2011-02)
    Presentation outlining the collaborative work undertaken by the Welsh Repository Network project team and the National Library of Wales to create Theses Collection Wales.
  • Cashman, Nicky (2009-02-18)
    A Power Point presentaion given at the SUETr Repository Policy Event in the National Library of Wales. The presentation covers, List of uk universities with mandates or mandates pending - Freedom of information - ...
  • Payne, Hannah (2011-03-15)
    Final report and methodology case studies for the Welsh Repository Network (WRN) Mediated Deposit Bureau (MDB).
  • Knowles, Jackie (Welsh Repository Network, 2010-02-19)
    The purpose of this learning object is to provide some basic introductory information about metadata and its use within an institutional repository. It aims to: explain what metadata is; explain the importance and purpose ...
  • Payne, Hannah (WRN Repository Stream: Gregynog Colloquium 2009, 2009-06-09)
    Presentation highlighting the perceived complications regarding multimedia deposits within repositories and the considerations to be taken when making multimedia material available via a repository.
  • Payne, Hannah; Shipley, Lauren (Welsh Repository Network, 2009-11-26)
    The purpose of this learning object is to explore the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that may be within multimedia items, and to highlight some of the complications and considerations that need to be taken into account ...
  • Tîm Cadwrfa Sefydliadol a Metadata (2014-05-07)
  • Payne, Hannah (Welsh Repository Network, 2010-12-15)
    Presentation delivered to Academic Services staff at Information Services, Aberystwyth University as part of an Open Access awareness raising training hour.

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