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  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module introduces the import and export functionality in DSpace, specifically the batch import and export scripts.
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module will introduce the item submission workflows available in DSpace. Workflows allow submissions to be checked before entering the repository. Submissions may be checked for accuracy, in order to improve the ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    Items are one of the core concepts in DSpace. An item a representation of the files and metadata bought together to make an atomic unit. This module introduces items and the constituent parts of metadata, bundles and ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module looks at the concepts of Localization and Internationalization and the implications this has for the DSpace software. It explores what features DSpace can be customized to support multilingualism and how this ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-22)
    This module gives an overview of the type of customization that can be performed on a DSpace repository user interface. The module will look at the two interfaces that DSpace 1.5 supports, the XMLUI and the JSPUI detailing ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    This module initially looks at the submission process in further detail, specifically input-forms.xml. It details what the input-forms.xml file is and how it can be used to customize the DSpace submission process. The ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    Communities and Collections are used within DSpace to provide the repository with an easily navigable structure often representing an institutions organizational makeup. This module will begin by describing what both a ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    This module will introduce the concept of RSS feeds and their support in DSpace, the subscription alerting mechanism which allows users to be emailed when new content is added to particular collections, and the news items ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module introduces the SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) interface available in DSpace. SWORD allows remote systems (software or agents) to submit items via a common interface. This module introduces ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    This module provides a basic technical overview of the DSpace software. The module will describe the three tiered application architecture of DSpace and look at how this relates to the server architecture of DSpace. The ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module provides an introduction to upgrading DSpace from version 1.4 to 1.5. General DSpace upgrade principles are also given to assist with upgrades from earlier versions.
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-14)
    This module builds upon the module 'An introduction to users and groups' which introduced the concept of authentication and authorization. The management of groups will be discussed, and this knowledge will be consolidated ...
  • Kimpton, Michele (2007-07-11)
    A presentation exploring the history of DSpace, and the evolution and development of the new DSpace Foundation. Presented by Michele Kimpton, Executive Director of the DSpace Foundation.
  • Yates, Chris; Lewis, Stuart (2008-05-06)
    Burn this .iso file to a DVD, and boot your computer using it. The latest version of the Live CD is 'DSpace Live CD - 1-5-0 v2.iso' Log in using the username 'dspace' and the password 'dspace'.
  • Yates, Chris; Lewis, Stuart (2008-08-22)
  • Lewis, Stuart; Rutherford, James; Jones, Richard; Brennan, Niamh; Merifield, Mark; Lyons, Donal (2006-11-24)
    Presentations from the DSpace UK & Ireland User Group meeting held by videoconference on the 24th November 2006. Videos from the event are available at
  • Welsh Repository Network (2011-03-17)
    Transcript describing the work carried out by the Welsh Repository Network team and staff at the National Library of Wales as part of the Welsh e-theses harvesting Work package of the Welsh Repository Network Enhancement Project.
  • Andrews, Tracey; Hill, Scott (Welsh Repository Network, 2010-06-09)
    Presentation describing the work at Cardiff University on the I-WIRE Project and how the newly designed interface within Cardiff University's Modern Working Environment (MWE) aims to encourage deposit by authors into ORCA, ...
  • Nixon, William J.; McCutcheon, Valerie (2010-05)
    Case study of repository and research system integration at the University of Glasgow.
  • Roy, Vicky; Appleyard, Andy (2011-02-18)

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