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  • Diao, Ren; Shen, Qiang (2010-09)
    Harmony search is a recently developed meta heuristic capable of solving discrete and continuous valued optimisation problems. However, the nature of pre-defined constant parameters limits the exploitation of the algorithm. ...
  • Diao, Ren; Shen, Qiang (IEEE, 2011-09-06)
    Classifier ensembles constitute one of the main research directions in machine learning and data mining. Ensembles allow higher accuracy to be achieved which is otherwise often not achievable with a single classifier. A ...
  • Jin, Shangzhu; Diao, Ren; Shen, Qiang (School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, 2011-09-26)
    Fuzzy rule interpolation (FRI) is well known forreducing the complexity of fuzzy models and making inferencepossible in sparse rule-based systems. However, in practicalfuzzy applications with inter-connected rule bases, ...
  • Diao, Ren; Shen, Qiang (2010-07)
    Many search strategies have been exploited in implementing feature selection, in an effort to identify smaller and better subsets. Such work typically involves the use of heuristics in one form or another. In this paper ...

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