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  • Hardy, Nigel; Armstrong, Edwin (Elsevier, 2001-07-27)
  • Hardy, Nigel; Ahmad, Aftab (1999-11)
    Virtual sensors (software abstractions to support programming of sensor use) have been shown to have software-engineering benefits. A sensor integration system is required to support them. We examine the general requirements ...
  • Labrosse, Frédéric (2006-10-19)
    In this article we present an algorithm to estimate the orientation of a robot relative to an orientation specified at the beginning of the process. This is done by computing the rotation of the robot between successive ...
  • Law, James; Johnson, Jeffrey (2006)
    Cooperation and communication are two of the fundamental problems associated with research into multirobot systems. In our work we examine the interactions of a team of robot footballers. Like computer chess and Go, robot ...

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