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  • Baldassare, Gianluca; Mirolli, Marco; Mannella, Francesco; Caligiore, Daniele; Visalberghi, Elisabetha; Natale, Francesco; Truppa, Valentina; Sabbatini, Gloria; Guglielmelli, Eugenio; Keller, Flavio; Campolo, Domenico; Redgrave, Peter; Gurney, Kevin; Stafiord, Tom; Triesch, Jochen; Weber, Cornelius; Rothkopf, Constantin; Nehmzow, Ulrich; Condell, Joan; Siddique, Mia; Lee, Mark; Hülse, Martin; Schmidhuber, Juergen; Gomez, Faustino; Foester, Alexander; Togelius, Julian; Barto, Andrew (Lund University Publications, 2009-12-01)
    This short paper presents the core ideas of the IM-CLeVeR Project. IM-CLeVeR aims at developing a new methodology for designing robot controllers that can: (a) cumulatively learn new skills through autonomous develop-ment ...
  • Kerr, Emmett; Triesch, Jochen; Migliore, Davide; Spina, Gabriele; Chandrashekhariah, Pramod; Veale, Richard; Gatsoulis, Yiannis (2011-09-26)
    Very young human infants demonstrate visual exploration behavior. The behavior is modulated by habituation as stimuli are experienced multiple times. Primate studies have shown that when neural structures responsible for ...

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