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Mathematics and Physics


Recent Submissions

  • Morgan, H.; Habbal, S. R. (2007-04-03)
    Fan streamers are often observed at low to mid latitudes in the corona at solar maximum, appearing narrow in latitudinal extent near the Sun, and fanning out with height, adopting an approximately linear, but not necessarily ...
  • Cook, A. C. (2011-03-07)
    This abstract investigates whether there is an obvious correlation between transient lunar phenomena and Earth tides on the Moon, as has been claimed in past publications. Aristarchus Crater observations are used in this study.
  • Köstler, Claus Michael; Gohm, Rolf (2012-11-07)
    This is an introductory paper about our recent merge of a noncommutative de Finetti type result with representations of the infinite braid and symmetric group which allows to derive factorization properties from symmetries. ...
  • Gohm, Rolf (Springer Basel, 2012-11-07)
    To a pair of subspaces wandering with respect to a row isometry we associate a transfer function which in general is multi-Toeplitz and in interesting special cases is multi-analytic. Then we describe in an expository way ...
  • Dey, Santanu; Gohm, Rolf (2011-10-31)
    We introduce characteristic functions for certain contractive liftings of row contractions. These are multi-analytic operators which classify the liftings up to unitary equivalence and provide a kind of functional model. ...

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