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  • Weaire, D.; Cox, Simon; Fátima Vaz, M. (2002-04)
    Small cells in an experimental sample of two-dimensional foam, such as that which is contained between two glass plates, may undergo a transition to a three-dimensional form, becoming detached from one boundary. We present ...
  • Li, Xing (2003-07-04)
    It is assumed that magnetic flux tubes are strongly concentrated at the boundaries of supergranule convection cells. A power law spectrum of high frequency Alfvén waves with a spectral index -1 originating from the sun is ...
  • Mège, Daniel; Cook, Anthony; Garel, Erwan; Lagabrielle, Y. (2003-05-22)
    A large fraction of surface extension on Mars occurred at segmented grabens having width/length ratios akin to oceanic rifts on Earth. Association with volcanic landforms such as pit craters clearly suggests interconnection ...

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