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  • Wallis, D.; Burchell, M. J.; Cook, Anthony; Solomon, C. J. (2005-05)
    Planetary impact craters have a high degree of radial symmetry. This hampers efforts to identify the azimuthal impact direction for most craters – the radially symmetric component of an impact crater swamps any asymmetries ...
  • Schultz, R. A.; Watters, T. R.; Cook, Anthony; Robinson, M. S. (2002-06)
    Insight into the mechanical and thermal structure of Mercury's early lithosphere has been obtained from forward modeling of the largest lobate scarp known on the planet. Our modeling indicates the structure overlies a ...
  • Garel, E.; Mege, D.; Lagabrielle, Y.; Cook, Anthony (2003-05)
    A large fraction of surface extension on Mars occurred at segmented grabens having width/length ratios akin to oceanic rifts on Earth. Association with volcanic landforms such as pit craters clearly suggests interconnection ...

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