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  • Jones, T. S.; Zahn, D. R.; McGovern, I. T.; Cabailh, G.; Evans, Stephen; Evans, Andrew; Steiner, H. J.; Park, S.; Middleton, R.; Kanpen, T. U.; Evans, David Andrew (2003-09-12)
    The growth of the organic semiconductor CuPc on the InSb(111)A surface at 300 K has been studied using photoelectron spectroscopy. Core level emission data obtained using low energy synchrotron radiation reveal that the ...
  • Langstaff, David; Bushell, A.; Chase, Thomas Robert; Evans, Andrew (Elsevier, 2005-08)
    In electron spectroscopy, multi-channel detection combined with intense radiation sources provides the optimum experimental configuration. Building on the 5 mm, 192-channel ion detector developed at Aberystwyth, longer ...
  • Evans, Andrew; Vearey-Roberts, Alex R. (2005-02-10)
    Control of the interfacial potential barrier for metal/n-GaAs diodes has been achieved using thin interlayers of the organic semiconductor, tin phthalocyanine (SnPc). The I-V characteristics for organic-modified Ag/S:GaAs ...

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