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  • Breen, Andrew; Fallows, Richard A.; Canals, A.; Ofman, L.; Moran, P. J. (2002-09)
    Interplanetary scintillation measurements can yield estimates of a large number of solar wind parameters,including bulk flow speed, variation in bulk velocity along the observing path through the solar wind and random ...
  • Breen, Andrew; Jones, R. A.; Fallows, Richard A.; Canals, A. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-08)
    Observations suggest that the interplanetary extensions of coronal mass ejections (iCMEs) may be accelerated or decelerated in their passage through the solar wind. Interplanetary scintillation measurements (IPS) can detect ...
  • Bisi, Mario Mark; Breen, Andrew; Fallows, Richard A.; Habbal, Shadia Rifai; Jones, R. A. (2007-06-01)
    We present the results of a comprehensive study of the fast solar wind near solar minimum conditions using interplanetary scintillation (IPS) data taken with the EISCAT system in northern Scandinavia, and a recent extremely ...

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