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  • Gough, John E.; Belavkin, V. P.; Smolianov, O. G. (2005)
    We exploit the separation of the filtering and control aspects of quantum feedback control to consider the optimal control as a classical stochastic problem on the space of quantum states. We derive the corresponding ...
  • Gough, John E.; Sobolev, Adrei (2005-09)
    We establish a quantum functional central limit for the dynamics of a system coupled to a Fermionic bath with a general interaction linear in the creation, annihilation and scattering of the bath reservoir. Following a ...
  • Obreskov, Oleg; Smolyanov, Oleg; Gough, John E. (2005)
    In this paper, we consider stochastic Schrödinger equations with twodimensional white noise. Such equations are used to describe the evolution of an open quantum system undergoing a process of continuous measurement. ...
  • Gough, John E.; Sobolev, Andrei (2004-09)
    We consider an open model possessing a Markovian quantum stochastic limit and derive the limit stochastic Schrodinger equations for the wave function conditioned on indirect observations using only the von Neumann projection ...

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