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  • Mishuris, Gennady; Dronka, J.; Aslanyan, A. G.; Selsil, O. (2007)
    The objective of the paper is to study the vibrations of 1D-3D nondegenerate multistructures, which are partly damaged. Such an analysis is useful to quickly asses the condition of a structure which has been in use over a ...
  • Mishuris, Gennady; Alexandrov, Sergei (2007-01)
    Viscoplastic models including a saturation stress are considered. The existence of the saturation stress significantly changes the mathematical structure of solutions near maximum friction surfaces (surfaces where the ...
  • Cox, Simon (2005-08)
    An implementation of the recent viscous froth model of Kern et al. [N.Kern, D.Weaire, A. Martin, S. Hutzler, S.J. Cox, The two-dimensional viscous froth model for foam dynamics, Phys. Rev. E 70 (2004) 041411.] in the Surface ...
  • Cox, Simon John; Mishuris, Gennady; Weaire, Denis (2009-08-08)
    The steady-state solutions of the viscous froth model for foam dynamics are analysed and shown to be of finite extent or to asymptote to straight lines. In the high-velocity limit, the solutions consist of straight lines ...
  • Mishuris, Gennady; Movchan, A. B.; Slepyan, L. I. (2007)
    We analyze a crack propagating in an inhomogeneous rectangular lattice in the state of anti-plane shear. The filtering properties of such a lattice are linked to the energy dissipation due to waves initiated by the crack. ...
  • Raufaste, Christophe; Dollet, Benjamin; Cox, Simon; Jiang, Yi; Graner, François (2007-06)
    We study the two-dimensional flow of foams around a circular obstacle within a long channel. In experiments, we confine the foam between liquid and glass surfaces. In simulations, we use a deterministic software, the Surface ...

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