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  • Sjöstrand, J.; Iantchenko, A. (2001-11)
    We consider the problem of constructing a microlocal logarithm and a normal form for an elliptic semi-classical Fourier integral operator near a fixed point of the corresponding canonical transformation. In [Ia] the canonical ...
  • Iantchenko, A.; Sjöstrand, J.; Zworski, M. (2002-03)
    We apply recent results on semi-classical trace formulae and on Birkhoff normal forms for semi-classical Fourier integral operators to a wide range of semi-classical and high energy spectral inverse problems.
  • Iantchenko, A.; Jakubaßa-Amundsen, D. H. (2003-12)
    The Jansen-Heß operator is an approximate (pseudo-)relativistic no-pair Hamiltonian in the Furry picture which is used in the physics literature to describe heavy atoms. Within the single-particle Coulomb model we prove ...
  • Iantchenko, A. (2007-06)
    To study the location of poles for the acoustic scattering matrix for two strictly convex obstacles with smooth boundaries, one uses an approximation of the quantized billiard operator M along the trapped ray between the ...

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