Algebraic Combinatorics


Algebraic Combinatorics


Recent Submissions

  • Ghinelli, D.; Key, J. D.; McDonough, T. P. (2014-01-03)
    The hulls of codes from the row span over F_p, for any prime p, of incidence matrices of connected k-regular graphs are examined, and the dimension of the hull is given in terms of the dimension of the row span of A+kI ...
  • Mavron, V. C.; McDonough, T. P.; Shrikhande, M. S. (2012-04)
    In a recent paper, Pawale [22] investigated quasi-symmetric 2-(v, k, lambda) designs with intersection numbers x > 0 and y = x + 2 with lambda > 1 and showed that under these conditions either lambda = x + 1 or lambda = x ...
  • Mavron, V. C.; McDonough, Thomas P.; Key, Jennifer D. (2009-01)
    We show that a construction described in [K.L. Clark, J.D. Key, M.J. de Resmini, Dual codes of translation planes, European J. Combinatorics 23 (2002) 529–538] of small-weight words in the dual codes of finite translation ...
  • McDonough, Thomas P.; Ward, H. N.; Mavron, V. C. (2009-10-17)
    We present a procedure for amalgamating a net and a collection of designs into a single design. At first this amalgam is just point-regular, but it acquires additional regularities upon imposing restrictions on the ...
  • McDonough, Thomas P.; Mavron, V. C.; Tonchev, V. D. (2008-07-06)
    Rahilly [On the line structure of designs, Discrete Math. 92 (1991) 291–303] described a construction that relates any Hadamard design H on 4^m-1 points with a line spread to an affine design having the same parameters as ...

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