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  • Mavron, Vassili C.; McDonough, Thomas; Schrikhande, M. S. (2003-03)
    We show that a quasi-symmetric design with intersection numbers 1 and y > 1 and a good block belongs to one of three types: (a) it has the same parameters as PG 2(4, q), the design of points and planes in projective 4-space; ...
  • Key, Jennifer D.; McDonough, Thomas; Mavron, Vassili C. (2010-11-28)
    We show that the first- and second-order Reed–Muller codes, and , can be used for permutation decoding by finding, within the translation group, (m−1)- and (m+1)-PD-sets for for m≥5,6, respectively, and (m−3)-PD-sets for ...
  • Mavron, V. C.; McDonough, Thomas; Key, Jennifer D. (2009-01)
    We show that a construction described in [K.L. Clark, J.D. Key, M.J. de Resmini, Dual codes of translation planes, European J. Combinatorics 23 (2002) 529–538] of small-weight words in the dual codes of finite translation ...

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