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  • Heule, Rahel; Bruder, Christoph; Stojanović, Vladimir M.; Burgarth, Daniel (2011-08-31)
    We investigate anisotropic XXZ Heisenberg spin-1/2 chains with control fields acting on one of the end spins, with the aim of exploring local quantum control in arrays of interacting qubits. In this work, which uses a recent ...
  • Burgarth, Daniel Klaus; Bose, Sougato; Bruder, Christoph; Giovannetti, Vittorio (2009)
    We give a sufficient criterion that guarantees that a many-body quantum system can be controlled by properly manipulating the (local) Hamiltonian of one of its subsystems. The method can be applied to a wide range of ...
  • Heule, Rahel; Bruder, Christoph; Burgarth, Daniel; Stojanović, Vladimir M. (2010)
    Motivated by some recent results of quantum control theory, we discuss the feasibility of local operator control in arrays of interacting qubits modeled as isotropic Heisenberg spin chains. Acting on one of the end spins, ...

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