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  • Brookes, Michael Jonathan; Casado, Rosa (2015)
    'What if everything we know is wrong?' is a performed sound work initially developed across research residency periods commissioned and supported by Brown University (Providence, USA) and Pact Zollverein (Essen, Germany). ...
  • Brookes, Michael Jonathan; Casado, Rosa (2016)
    'Just a little bit of history repeating' is a long-term context specific live art project for public space, initially developed and presented as the culmination of publicly funded research residency and commission awards ...
  • McAllister, Robbie (Aberystwyth University, 2015)
  • Christie, Sam (Aberystwyth University, 2015)
    This thesis is submitted alongside the film Forecast (2015) to be a submission for the PhD project Cantre’r Gwaelod and Tales of Inundation. The project aims in its entirety to propose film as a mode of enquiry regarding ...
  • Rantsoen 
    Banham, Simon (2004-06)
    Audience and performers sat together around a circular 7m diameter table in a storage shed. Renny O’Shea collaborated with a creative team made up of UK and Belgian artists. The piece was created with newcomers to Ghent ...
  • Brookes, M. J.; Casado, Rosa (Unknown Publisher, 2008)
    Object work, for gallery exhibition - developed within the wider research framework of the project 'one thing leads to another' - and produced and placed as part of an ongoing series of small, ephemeral, and context-specific ...
  • Creeber, G.; Film and Television Research; Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies (BFI Publishing, 2008-11-01)
  • Creeber, G.; Martin, R.; Film and Television Research; Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies (Open University Press, 2008-12-01)
  • Gough, Richard (2003)
  • Banham, Simon (Quarantine, 2006)
  • Christie, Judie; Gough, Richard; Watt, Dan (Taylor & Francis, 2006)
    Exploring thirty years of work by The Centre for Performance Research (CPR), A Performance Cosmology explores the future challenges of performance and theatre through a diverse and fascinating series of interviews, testimonies ...
  • Rabey, David Ian (Taylor & Francis, 2003-01-23)
    English Drama since 1940 considers the bids of successive post-war dramatists to find language and images of remorseless disclosure, appropriate to the public manifestation of sensed crisis and the interrogation of the ...
  • Roms, Heike (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010-01-01)
  • O'Malley, Thomas (Longman, 2001-04)
  • Griffiths, Laura Merris (Octopus Publishing Group, 2002)
    In the UK, concern over the 'dumbing down' of children's programmes has met with defensive responses from television producers. In the US, after much lobbying, legislation designed to ensure compulsory inclusion of ...
  • Cull, Laura; Gritzner, Karoline; Performance Research; Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies (2011-12-31)
    This is a co-edited issue of Performance Research which includes an essay by Gritzner ('Form and Formlessness: Participation at the Limit'), a conversation (interview) by Gritzner ('On Participation in Art: A Conversation ...
  • Downing, R. D. (Victoria and Albert Museum, 2007-11-21)
  • Jones, Anwen (Performance Research Books, 2010-02)
    Recently, I read a novel by a young, local Welsh novelist. It was called Naw Mis, translated as Nine Months. It was an investigation into, and an attempt to deal with, loss. It dealt with the experiences of both the one ...
  • Owen, Thomas Roger (Tregaron Neuadd Goffa | Tregaron Memorial Hall, 2007)

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