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  • Kear, Adrian (2005)
  • Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies; Performance Research; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (2012)
    Lighting design for the located contemporary dance work 'The Aomori Project' (Huws, S., 2011). Presented in Chapter, Cardiff, and gDA, London, in 2011; with subsequent performances commissioned and presented in the Esplanade ...
  • Zoo, U-Man; Downing, Richard (2003)
    Aqua Impura is delivered to an audience of only eighteen gathered at the table. Borrowing the structure of social dining, these eighteen guests are served a series of offerings (grouped as 'Beginnings', 'Middles' and 'Ends') ...
  • Owen, Thomas Roger (Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru | University of Wales Press, 2003-07)
  • Roms, Heike (University of Chicago Press, 2013-06-01)
  • Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies; Performance Research; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (2009)
    Lighting design for the large-scale theatre work 'An argument about sex' (Untitled Projects, 2009). Developed and realised for performance across adjacent spaces within Tramway, Glasgow; with a subsequent run of performances ...
  • Greenhalgh, Jill; Brookes, Michael (Performance Research Books, 2007)
    The Articulate Practitioner – Articulating Practice is an interactive DVD of audio-visual recordings and writings by women theatre artists and scholars. It brings together a diverse range of voices, ideas and works from ...
  • Barker, Martin (2003-09-01)
    A number of recent works on methodology for media and communication studies have sought to embrace the contributions from cultural studies qualitative investigations, in particular for their contribution to our understanding ...
  • Evans, Gareth Llŷr (Aberystwyth UniversityTheatre, Film and Television Studies, 2012-08)
  • Sexton, Jamie; Mathijs, Ernest; Egan, Kate; Hunter, Russell; Selfe, Melanie; Barker, Martin (British Board of Film Classification, 2007-03)
    In performing its duties as a regulator of the moving image, the BBFC is obliged to balance the right of freedom of expression with the need to protect the public from harm. In the case of ‘video works’, including DVDs, ...
  • Leder, Kerstin (Aberystwyth UniversityTheatre, Film and Television Studies, 2009)
    This thesis presents the processes and outcomes of a cross-national and cross-generational audience study of the varying roles of film and television in relation to people’s fearful perceptions of the world. As well as ...
  • Llana, Jazmin Badong (Aberystwyth UniversityTheatre, Film and Television Studies, 2009-09)
    The dotoc is a religious devotion to the Holy Cross in Bicol, Philippines. Women cantors take the role of pilgrims journeying to the Holy Land to visit the Holy Cross or performers reenact as komedya St. Helene’s search ...
  • Ames, Margaret (2010-05)
    This essay considers the collaborative process of creating a new version of Blodeuwedd by Saunders Lewis for Cwmni Theatr Cydweithredol Troed y Rhiw. The undertaking was research driven and the author worked closely with ...
  • Ames, Margaret (2009-07-03)
    This new piece is authored by Edward Wadsworth and Cyrff Ystwyth. Wadsworth is disabled. Brighton Beach was conceived through an autobiographical approach, along with the other company members who interpreted and developed ...
  • Ames, M. P.; Wadsworth, E. (Dawns Dyfed, 2009-06-10)
  • Rabey, David Ian (Springer Nature, 1990-11-15)
    A critical survey of the development of British & Irish political drama, with particular attention to the changing attitudes of the playwright to his audience & his tactics to engage it in the dramatic & political tensions ...
  • Butterfly 
    Simon James (Quarantine, 2004)
  • Butterfly 
    Performance Research; Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies; Brookes, Michael Jonathan (Quarantine, 2004)
    Lighting design for the located theatre event 'Butterfly' (Quarantine, 2004), developed within the context of Brookes' long-term collaboration with the company. Commissioned and presented within Tramway, Glasgow, 2004.
  • Downing, R. D.; Donnison, I. S.; Jensen, E.; Durran, M.; Lewis, J. (Prifysgol Aberystwyth | Aberystwyth University, 2012)
    Public presentation of an original artwork, and analytical reflection in the form of two performed lectures. This output manifests the aesthetic outcome of the inter-disciplinary research between Richard Downing (PI), ...

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