Show simple item record Selivankina, S. Y. Karavaiko, N. N. Maslova, G. G. Zubkova, N. K. Prokoptseva, O. S. Smith, Aileen R. Hall, Michael Kulaeva, O. N. 2009-09-08T11:10:36Z 2009-09-08T11:10:36Z 2004-05
dc.identifier.citation Selivankina , S Y , Karavaiko , N N , Maslova , G G , Zubkova , N K , Prokoptseva , O S , Smith , A R , Hall , M & Kulaeva , O N 2004 , ' Cytokinin-binding protein from Arabidopsis thaliana leaves participating in transcription regulation ' Plant Growth Regulation , vol 43 , no. 1 , pp. 15-26 . DOI: 10.1023/B:GROW.0000038358.76592.e0 en
dc.identifier.issn 1435-8107
dc.identifier.other PURE: 120546
dc.identifier.other PURE UUID: 06d0d547-34b8-42cf-9a62-81e26b25fb53
dc.identifier.other dspace: 2160/3002
dc.identifier.other DSpace_20121128.csv: row: 2394
dc.identifier.other Scopus: 4444276832
dc.description Selivankina, S. Y., Karavaiko, N. N., Maslova, G. G., Zubkova, N. K., Prokoptseva, O. S., Smith, A. R., Hall, M. A., Kulaeva, O. N. (2004). Cytokinin-binding protein from Arabidopsis thaliana leaves participating in transcription regulation.   Plant Growth Regulation, 43, (1), 15-26 Sponsorship: Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project (02-04-49367), and by a grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the Support of leading Scientific Schools (NSh-1785.2003.4). en
dc.description.abstract The 67 kDa cytokinin-binding protein (CBP) has been isolated from old rosette leaves of 9-week-oldArabidopsis thaliana plants. The procedure of CBP isolation included the protein puri?cation by SephadexG-50, hydrophobic chromatography on phenyl-Sepharose and a?nity chromatography on zeatin riboside-Sepharose. Nuclear localization in leaves of 67 kDa CBP was demonstrated. The recognition of a naturalcytokinin trans-zeatin by 67 kDa CBP from Arabidopsis leaves was detected by a very speci?c and sensitiveassay based on trans-zeatin competition in ELISA with anti-idiotype antibodies (Aba-i) for complex formationwith CBP. Aba-i were raised against antibodies against zeatin. trans-Zeatin competed with Aba-i in adose-dependent manner, demonstrating a high a?nity for the protein. In combination with trans-zeatin,67 kDa protein activated RNA synthesis in vitro in the transcription elongation systems containingchromatin-bound RNA polymerase I from barley leaves (heterologous system) or from Arabidopsis leaves(homologous system). These data permit a suggestion that the 67 kDa CBPs from monocots and dicotsful?ll similar functions. A comparison of functional activity of 67 kDa CBP from young, growing rosetteleaves of 3-week-old Arabidopsis plants, from mature leaves of 7-week-old plants and from senescent leavesof 9-week-old plants demonstrated age-dependent changes of the protein properties. The data are discussedin context of recent advances in the study of transcription regulation in eukaryotic cells. en
dc.format.extent 12 en
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartof Plant Growth Regulation en
dc.rights en
dc.subject Arabidopsis thaliana en
dc.subject Cytokinin-binding protein en
dc.subject Cytokinins en
dc.subject Receptor en
dc.subject Transcription en
dc.title Cytokinin-binding protein from Arabidopsis thaliana leaves participating in transcription regulation en
dc.type /dk/atira/pure/researchoutput/researchoutputtypes/contributiontojournal/article en
dc.contributor.institution Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences en
dc.description.status Peer reviewed en

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