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Materials Research


Recent Submissions

  • Hoydalsvik, Kristin; Barnardo, Twilight; Winter, Rudolf; Haas, Sylvio; Tatchev, Dragomir; Hoell, Armin (2010-11-21)
    The morphology of sol–gel derived dip-coated yttria-doped zirconia films containing variable amounts of yttria has been studied using in situ grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS) whilst heated incrementally ...
  • Weber, Richard; Benmore, Christopher; Mei, Qiang; Wilding, Martin (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
    High energy, high flux X-ray sources enable new measurements of liquid and amorphous materials in extreme conditions. Aerodynamic levitation in combination with laser beam heating can be used to access high purity and ...
  • Langstaff, David; Zhu, Xi (2009-06-01)
    We present a scheme for reducing multiple triggering based on a “first-past-the-post” voting circuit interposed between the sensor amplifier/discriminators and the counters in an event-counting detector. We are currently ...
  • Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Goddard, Chris; Papachristodoulou, Elpida; Snoswell, David R. E.; Kontogeorgos, Andreas; Spahn, Peter; Hellmann, G. Peter; Hess, Ortwin; Baumberg, Jeremy J. (2011)
    We demonstrate the production of high-quality polymer opal fibers in an industrially-scalable process. These fibers exhibit structural color, based on the self-assembly of sub-micron core-shell particles, with a spectrum ...
  • Finlayson, Christopher Edward; Haines, Andrew I.; Snoswell, David R. E.; Kontogeorgos, Andreas; Vignolini, Silvia; Baumberg, Jeremy J.; Spahn, Peter; Hellmann, G. Peter (2011)
    We report how the strength of resonant Bragg reflection from polymeric photonic crystals (polymer opals) varies linearly with the refractive-index contrast, Δn, in contrast to the quadratic buildup of Fresnel reflections ...

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