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dc.identifier.citation Fahy , B , Denyer , K , Moates , G , Verhoeven , T & Leggett , J M 2004 , ' Isolation and characterisation of novel starch mutants of oats ' Journal of Cereal Science , pp. 69-79 . , 10.1016/j.jcs.2004.04.004 en_US
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dc.description.abstract Mutagenised grains of the diploid oat, Avena strigosa Schreb., were screened for altered starch granules in the endosperm. Three mutant lines were identified: mutants lam-1 and lam-2 had granules that stained red with iodine solution and sga-1 had endosperm containing soluble material that stained red with iodine solution, as well as blue-staining starch granules. The lam-1 and lam-2 lines lack or have severely reduced amounts of granule-bound starch synthase activity, the granule-bound starch synthase I protein and the amylose component of starch in the endosperm. They therefore represent mutations of the waxy type. The red-staining, soluble material in the sga-1 mutant is very similar in appearance and chain-length profile to the phytoglycogen that accumulates in the endosperms of the sugary-1 mutants of cereals. All sugary-1 mutants lack or have reduced amounts of isoamylase activity. However, native gel assays reveal a normal isoamylase activity in the developing endosperms of sga-1 suggesting that it is not of the sugary-1 type. The nature of the mutation responsible for the sga-1 phenotype has yet to be discovered. en_US
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dc.relation.ispartof Journal of Cereal Science en_US
dc.title Isolation and characterisation of novel starch mutants of oats en_US
dc.contributor.pbl Aberystwyth University en_US
dc.contributor.pbl Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences en_US

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