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dc.contributor.advisor Piscatori, James
dc.contributor.advisor Taylor, Lucy Varasteh, Manshour 2009-10-23T08:43:00Z 2009-10-23T08:43:00Z 2003
dc.identifier.citation Varasteh, Manshour, (2003) 'Ascent and Descent of Marxist forces in Contemporary Iran. Case Study: People's Fedaii and Tudeh Party', Department of International Studies, Aberystwyth University en
dc.description.abstract During the twenties Century, Iran was at the centre of a competition for power amongst three Socio-political forces. Religion, Nationalism and Marxism each presented their own solutions for the country. This thesis examines the properties and contribution of the Marxist dimension in this struggle. The research is organised around the contrasting profiles and strategies of two of Iran's main Marxist groupings: namely the pro-Moscow Communist Tudeh Party of Iran and the People's Fedaii guerrilla organisation. The thesis locates these two organisations within the context of Iranian politics in general and of the Iranian left in particular. It uses the Tudeh and the Fedaii to examine the predicaments, opportunities, debates, strategies and tactics of the Iranian left. The thesis reviews (i) the international debates amongst Marxist movements in relation to the appropriate responses to revolutionary possibilities in developing countries; and (ii) the particular conditions and constraints posed by the political situation in Iran during the pre-Revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods. The main question which the thesis addresses is the failure of Marxist elements to maximise the potential they possessed to exploit the opportunity for a democratic revolution and to shape the course of revolutionary action within Iran. The research assesses the nature and influence of the internal debates within Marxism upon the strategies adopted across the left in Iran. It concludes that historic opportunity was lost not only because of doctrinal divisions emanating in the main from the Soviet Union, but also because of indigenous conflicts within the Iranian left that led to an inability to convert working class dissent into revolutionary force. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Aberystwyth University en
dc.title Ascent and Descent of Marxist forces in Contemporary Iran. Case Study: People's Fedaii and Tudeh Party en
dc.type Text en
dc.type.publicationtype doctoral thesis en

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