PhD theses from the Department of Computer Science


PhD theses from the Department of Computer Science


This collection contains PhD theses from the Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University.

Recent Submissions

  • Liu, Junjie (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2013)
    Abstract This PhD project is a collaboration between Smart Light Devices, Ltd. in Aberdeen and Aberystwyth University on the development of such 3D laser scanners with an ultimate aim to inspect the underwater oil and ...
  • Zhao, Yitian (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2013)
    Abstract Unlike traditional 2D images, which are projections of the real world onto a two-dimensional surface, 3D images express the geometry of the objects of interest directly in terms of a set of points, a mesh, or a ...
  • Q, Claire Elizabeth (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2013)
    Abstract Can machine learning algorithms be trained to recognise beauty in music? To what extent is human recognition of beauty in music cultural, or crosscultural? Music is prevalent in all human cultures. Music ...
  • Diao, Ren (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2014)
    Abstract Feature selection is a term given to the problem of selecting important domain attributes which are most predictive of a given outcome. Unlike other dimensionality reduction methods, feature selection approaches ...
  • Sheldon, Michael (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2013)
    This thesis is concerned with the emergence of communication in arti cial agents as an integrated part of a more general developmental progression. We demonstrate how early gestural communication can emerge out of sensorimotor ...

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