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  • Croft, Paul (Printmaking Today, 2012-03-01)
    Since 2008 Croft has been interested exploring the interface between digital and analogue printmaking with specific interest incorporating digital methods of drawing with traditional techniques of stone and plate lithography. ...
  • Croft, P.; Baldwin, A.; Macklin, J.; Carpenter, J.; Mills, E.; Boutasi, E.; Phillip, I.; Wade, G.; Evans, R. J.; Byfield, S. (Hong Kong Open Print Workshop, 2010-12-20)
    Resulting from collaboration between Hong Kong Open Print Workshop founded in 2000 and The Art Promotion Office, Department of Leisure and Cultural Services, based at The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, this event was the ...
  • Croft, Paul; Williams, Pete; Thornton, Lou; Ho, Wuon Gean; Creeaune, Danielle; Edwards, Steve (School of Art, 2013-03-23)
    This is a group exhibition involving six artists from Aberystwyth, London, Cardiff and Barcelona, whose work principally involves techniques of printmaking. The premise for this exhibition has been the examination of the ...
  • Croft, Paul; Baldwin, Andrew Timothy; Boutasi, Eirini; Carpenter, Judy; Creenaune, Danielle; Desmet, Anne; Dyson, Tony; Ellis, Edwina; Evans, Stuart; Evans, Ruth Jen; Hanselaar, Marcelle; Ho, Wuon Gean; Hounsome, Jo; James, Shani Rhys; Jones, Mary Lloyd; Kennedy, Helen; Lamb, Elspeth; Lazkani, Sam; Noyce, Richard; Partridge, Ben; Poland, Sarah; Polk, Andy; Polk, Kathryn; Vaden, Cerese; Wade, Gini; Webster, Christopher Peter; Williams, Pete; Macklin, Judy Elizabeth; Garratt, Phillip (School of Art, 2013-03-01)
    Collaborations: Aberystwyth Paper Press Print is a portfolio celebrating the diversity of printmaking and seeks to examine the nature of multi-media and multi-disciplinary printmaking from traditional to digital. Each of ...
  • Croft, Paul John (IMPACT 08, 2013-08-28)
    Space Between: Developing Digital Lithography Building upon the research that was completed for Developing Digital Tusche Wash for Photoplate Lithography – presented as a workshop at IMPACT07 held at Monash University, ...
  • Croft, Paul; Arp, Kimberly Paul; Baribeau, Helen; Barnes, Michael; Britton, Daniel; Christison, Tom; Clarke, Alastair; Cline, Clinton; Creenaune, Danielle; Douglas, Emily Arthur; Driesbach, John; Flanders, April; Greider, William; Haas, Kevin; Kelly, Brian; Kimball, Wayne; Macklin, Judy Elizabeth; Peterson, Richard; Pitt, Shelia; Polk, Andrew; Polk, Kathryn; Rush, Kent; Satoshi, Takahira; Seckinger, Linda; Vaden, Cerese; Yazzi, Melanie (University of Arizona Tucson, 2008-03-23)
    International Portfolio of Lithography presented as an elaborate box set of 25 prints by 25 artists from USA, UK and elsewhere. Inspired by the short story The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster published in 1909, this portfolio ...
  • Croft, Paul; Anderson, Jennifer; Sipple, Jeff; Haas, Kevin; Steiger, Brooke; Koh, Eunkang; Myoshi, Kimiko; Park, Sungwon; Barnes, Michael; Osborne, Cynthia; Kim, Yanghee (University of Nevada at Reno, 2008-03-23)
    International Portfolio of Lithography by 11 artists from UK and USA curated by Eunkang Koh at The University of Nevada in Reno. The invited artists were asked to develop images that explore the interface between traditional ...
  • Croft, Paul (2008-12-31)
    Article for a special project included in the Grapheion Year Book 2008 – entitled Memory of the Future edited by art critic and writer Richard Noyce. Article reflects upon the future of Printmaking in 2028 and examines the ...
  • Croft, Paul (A & C Black Publishers Ltd, 2009-12-31)
    This concise contribution, including biographical details and illustrations of working practice, describes current research interests in lithography, the development of alphabets, lexicons and visual language. This ...
  • Croft, Paul (SILPAKORN UNIVERSITY, 2009-05-14)
    Inclusion of a print in the International Printmaking section of the 2nd Bangkok Triennale 2009. Illustration of the work, brief description and biographical details were included in the accompanying catalogue.
  • Croft, Paul (2007-04)
  • Croft, Paul (A & C Black Publishers Ltd, 2003-10)
    This Printmaking Handbook is a companion volume to Paul Croft's previous book, Stone Lithography. The author guides the reader through all aspects of plate lithography with step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear, ...
  • Croft, Paul (A & C Black Publishers Ltd, 2001-10-31)
    A practical handbook on stone lithography, thought to be one of the most daunting of all the printmaking forms. Paul Croft offers a simplified approach to the many aspects of this complicated lithographic process.
  • Harvey, John (Paternoster Press, 2009-12-31)
  • Cruise, Colin (ADEVA: Akademische Druck-u Verlagsanstalt: Graz/Austria, 2005)
  • Whall, M. J. (2008-11-18)
  • Ann X 
    Harvey, John (2013-09-06)
    Part of an experimental artists' bookwork which explores an alternative 'psychographic' approach to creative visual research through considering responses to patterns, traces and residual forms as opposed to looking at ...
  • Harvey, John (University of Wales Press, 2003-11-19)
    'A Relation of Apparitions' is a repository of supernatural folklore which shows how the 18th century viewed the spirit world and the question of belief. This is a modernized version of Jones's text, including a transcript ...

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