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  • Croft, Paul; Arp, Kimberly Paul; Baribeau, Helen; Barnes, Michael; Britton, Daniel; Christison, Tom; Clarke, Alastair; Cline, Clinton; Creenaune, Danielle; Douglas, Emily Arthur; Driesbach, John; Flanders, April; Greider, William; Haas, Kevin; Kelly, Brian; Kimball, Wayne; Macklin, Judy Elizabeth; Peterson, Richard; Pitt, Shelia; Polk, Andrew; Polk, Kathryn; Rush, Kent; Satoshi, Takahira; Seckinger, Linda; Vaden, Cerese; Yazzi, Melanie (University of Arizona Tucson, 2008-03-23)
    International Portfolio of Lithography presented as an elaborate box set of 25 prints by 25 artists from USA, UK and elsewhere. Inspired by the short story The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster published in 1909, this portfolio ...
  • Whall, Miranda (2010)
  • Crawford, Alistair (Phaidon, 2001)
    Born in 1925, Mario Giacomelli died in November 2000. He trained initially as a typographer and his early interest in graphics became a central part of his later photographic work. Winner of numerous medals and prizes, he ...
  • School of Art; Whall, Miranda Jo (2012-04-27)
    The artists in THE MAN DON’T GIVE A FUCK shared similar sensibilities. Their work was laced with a melancholic humour that questions its intentions or seriousness. It can be adolescent, scruffy and surly. Using an often ...
  • Pywell, R. F.; Hayes, M. J.; Tallowin, J. R. B.; Walker, K. J.; Meek, W. R.; Carvell, C.; Warman, L. A.; Bullock, J. M. (2010-06)
    Invasion by undesirable plants, such as Cirsium arvense, can constrain attempts to conserve and restore biodiversity in extensively managed temperate grasslands, but control with herbicides can cause environmental harm. ...
  • Whall, Miranda (2009)
    'Mother/Fucker' a video triptych, a video work which digitally manipulated the Gustave Courbet painting L'Origin de Monde. It was made especially for a two person exhibition with painter Flora Whiteley at Gimpel Fils, ...
  • Webster, Christopher Peter (Outcasting, National Library of Wales, Oriel Davies and Fourth Wall, 2008-08-08)
    A series of 5 unique films begun in 2008 completed in 2012 under the working title 'Mythus'. In these filmic fragments are images of dreams, memories and visions. The body of work is an encounter with the processes of a ...
  • Talbot, Kathleen (Aberystwyth UniversityArt, 2010)
    This thesis discusses hand-painted decoration on British ceramics in the period 1870 to 1920 in the context of changing economic and social climates and gendered employment and occupation. The original impetus for this ...
  • Meyrick, Robert (2009-12-01)
  • Goodwin, Stephen; Pierse, Simon John (2010-02-15)
  • Pierse, Simon (Australian Studies, 2004-04)
    Uluru (Ayers Rock) is both a tourist icon and a defining symbol of the Australian landscape. Since the 1950s it has been the goal for a pilgrimage undertaken by settler-Australians to Australia’s heart. Described as a ...
  • Whall, Miranda (2010-05-07)
  • Croft, Paul (A & C Black Publishers Ltd, 2009-12-31)
    This concise contribution, including biographical details and illustrations of working practice, describes current research interests in lithography, the development of alphabets, lexicons and visual language.
  • Pierse, Simon (2004)
    In 2003 the Perth International Arts Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary with a commission given to renowned British artist Antony Gormley (1950 –). Gormley’s Inside Australia is an installation of 51 stainless steel ...
  • Meyrick, Robert (Private Press Book: Gregynog Press, 2006-10)
  • Harvey, John (Reaktion Books, 2007-07-27)
    Can film capture what our eyes can’t see? There are many examples—both historical and contemporary—of photographs of spirits or “ghosts.” These images alternately have been derided as hoaxes or, at the other extreme, held ...

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