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Cyfrifiadureg / Computer Science

Recent Submissions

  • Gunn, Matthew David (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2014)
    Summary Mars has been the subject of much interest to science for many hundreds of years. For nearly four decades Landers have been sent to investigate the geology of the Martian surface and search for signs of life. Each ...
  • Ososinski, Marek; Labrosse, Frédéric (2013)
    Autonomous following of ill-defined roads is an important part of visual navigation systems. This paper presents an adaptive method that uses a statistical model of the color of the road surface within a trapezoidal shape ...
  • McIntyre, James; Church, Andrew; Labrosse, Frederic (2009-09)
    In this paper, we present an efficient way of representing and tracking a moving object in images. In our approach, the object is visually represented as a set of pixels corresponding to an ideal view of the object as seen ...
  • Woodland, Alan; Labrosse, Frederic (2008-06)
    Building computer representations of real objects, which could be archaeological artifacts or planned buildings, is a very active research area. Typically objects are represented in computer memory as a collection of ...
  • Woodland, Alan; Ugail, Hassan; Labrosse, Frederic (BMVA, 2007-09)
    This paper presents a method to extend PDE surfaces to high dimensional spaces. We review a common existing analytic solution, and show how it can be used straightforwardly to increase the dimension of the space the surface ...

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