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Recent Submissions

  • MacParthaláin, Neil Seosamh; Shen, Qiang; Jensen, Richard (2006-09-04)
    Feature Selection (FS) methods based on fuzzy-rough set theory (FRFS) have employed the dependency function to guide the FS process with much success. More recently a method has been developed which uses fuzzy-entropy ...
  • MacParthaláin, Neil Seosamh; Jensen, Richard; Shen, Qiang (2008-06-01)
    Dataset dimensionality is undoubtedly the single most significant obstacle which exasperates any attempt to apply effective computational intelligence techniques to problem domains. In order to address this problem a ...
  • MacParthaláin, Neil Seosamh; Jensen, Richard; Shen, Qiang (2006-07-26)
    Feature Selection (FS) is a dimensionality reduction technique that aims to select a subset of the original features of a dataset which offer the most useful information. The benefits of feature selection include improved ...
  • Shen, Qiang; MacParthaláin, Neil Seosamh; Jensen, Richard (2008-09-10)
    The accuracy of methods for the detection of mammographic abnormaility is heavily related to breast tissue characteristics. A breast with high tissue density will have reduced sensitivity in terms of detection. Also, breast ...
  • Q, Claire Elizabeth (Aberystwyth UniversityComputer Science, 2013)
    Abstract Can machine learning algorithms be trained to recognise beauty in music? To what extent is human recognition of beauty in music cultural, or crosscultural? Music is prevalent in all human cultures. Music ...

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