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  • Sumner, Lloyd W.; Amberg, Alexander; Barrett, Dave; Beale, Michael H.; Beger, Richard; Daykin, Clare; Fan, Teresa; Fiehn, Oliver; Goodacre, Royston; Griffin, Julian L.; Hankemeier, Thomas; Hardy, Nigel; Harnly, James; Higashi, Richard; Kopka, Joachim; Lane, Andrew N.; Lindon, John C.; Marriott, Philip; Nicholls, Andrew W.; Reily, Michael D.; Thaden, John J.; Viant, Mark R. (2007-09-01)
    There is a general consensus that supports the need for standardized reporting of metadata or information describing large-scale metabolomics and other functional genomics data sets. Reporting of standard metadata provides ...
  • Rubtsov, Denis V.; Jenkins, Helen; Ludwig, Christian; Easton, John; Viant, Mark R.; Günther, Ulrich; Griffin, Julian L.; Hardy, Nigel (2007-09-01)
    The amount of data generated by NMR-based metabolomic experiments is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, diverse techniques increase the need for informative and comprehensive meta-data. These factors present a challenge in ...
  • Hardy, Nigel; Jenkins, Helen (Springer, 2007-10-26)
    Metabolomic studies generate large quantities of data. Metabolomics data sets have complex structure and will typically be subjected to a variety of processing and analysis techniques. The data sets are expensive to collect ...
  • Lee, Mark; Hardy, Nigel; Barnes, David Preston (1984)
  • Lee, Mark; Barnes, David Preston; Hardy, Nigel (1985)
    Error recovery is the detection and correction of abnormal events or conditions in the operation of a robot system.
  • Hardy, Nigel; Taylor, Chris F. (2007-09-01)
    This briefing lays out the initial objectives and intent of the Data Exchange Working Group of the Metabolomics Standards Initiative (MSI), which operates under the aegis of the Metabolomics Society. The MSI has now reached ...
  • Barnes, David Preston; Hardy, Nigel; Lee, Mark; Orgill, C.; Sharpe, K. (1988)
  • Lindon, John C.; Nicholson, Jeremy; Holmes, Elaine; Keun, Hector; Craig, Andrew; Pearce, Jake; Bruce, Stephen; Hardy, Nigel; Sansone, Susanna-Assunta; Antti, Henrick; Jonsson, Par; Daykin, Clare; Navarange, Mahendra; Beger, Richard; Verheij, Elwin R.; Amberg, Alexander; Baunsgaard, Dorrit; Cantor, Glenn; Lehman-McKeeman, Lois; Earll, Mark; Wold, Svante; Johansson, Erik; Haselden, John; Kramer, Kerstin; Thomas, Craig; Lindberg, Johann; Schuppe-Koistinen, Ina; Wilson, Ian; Reily, Michael; Robertson, Donald G.; Senn, Hans; Krotzky, Arno; Kochhar, Sunil; Powell, Jonathan; van der Ouderaa, Frans; Plumb, Robert; Schaefer, Hartmut; Spraul, Manfred (2005)
    The Standard Metabolic Reporting Structures (SMRS) working group outlines its vision for an open,community-driven specification for the standardization and reporting of metabolic studies.
  • Hardy, Nigel; Ahmad, Aftab (1999-11)
    Virtual sensors (software abstractions to support programming of sensor use) have been shown to have software-engineering benefits. A sensor integration system is required to support them. We examine the general requirements ...

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