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  • Jones, Andrew R.; Miller, Michael; Aebersold, Ruedi; Apweiler, Rolf; Ball, Catherine A.; Brazma, Alvis; DeGreef, James; Hardy, Nigel; Hermjakob, Henning; Hubbard, Simon J.; Hussey, Peter; Igra, Mark; Jenkins, Helen; Julian Jr, Randall K.; Laursen, Kent; Oliver, Stephen G.; Paton, Norman W.; Sansone, Susanna-Assunta; Sarkans, Ugis; Stoeckert Jr, Christian J.; Taylor, Chris F.; Whetzel, Patricia L.; White, Joseph A.; Spellman, Paul; Pizarro, Angel (2007-10-05)
    The Functional Genomics Experiment data model (FuGE) has been developed to facilitate convergence of data standards for high-throughput, comprehensive analyses in biology. FuGE models the components of an experimental ...
  • Spasić, Irena; Dunn, Warwick B.; Velarde, Giles; Tseng, Andy; Jenkins, Helen; Hardy, Nigel; Oliver, Stephen G.; Kell, Douglas B. (2006-06-05)
    Background The genome sequencing projects have shown our limited knowledge regarding gene function, e.g. S. cerevisiae has 5–6,000 genes of which nearly 1,000 have an uncertain function. Their gross influence on the behaviour ...
  • Rubtsov, Denis V.; Jenkins, Helen; Ludwig, Christian; Easton, John; Viant, Mark R.; Günther, Ulrich; Griffin, Julian L.; Hardy, Nigel (2007-09-01)
    The amount of data generated by NMR-based metabolomic experiments is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, diverse techniques increase the need for informative and comprehensive meta-data. These factors present a challenge in ...
  • Hardy, Nigel; Jenkins, Helen (Springer, 2007-10-26)
    Metabolomic studies generate large quantities of data. Metabolomics data sets have complex structure and will typically be subjected to a variety of processing and analysis techniques. The data sets are expensive to collect ...
  • Jenkins, Helen; Johnson, Helen E.; Kular, Baldeep; Wang, Trevor; Hardy, Nigel (2005-05-11)
    Over recent years, a number of initiatives have proposed standard reporting guidelines for functional genomics experiments. Associated with these are data models that may be used as the basis of the design of software tools ...

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