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  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa (2009-04-29)
    The ART corpus consist of 225 papers manually annotated the CISP labels (i.e. "Goal", "Method", "Result"). The ART Corpus is >1 million words, 35,040 sentences. These papers cover topics in physical chemistry and biochemistry ...
  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa N. (2009-04-29)
  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa; Batchelor, Colin; Lewis, Stuart; Fielding, Helen; King, Ross Donald (2007)
    The paper describes initial work on an ontology based tool, ART, for the semantic annotation of papers stored in digital repositories. ART is intended for the annotation not only of data and metadata about a paper, but ...
  • Liakata, Maria; Pulman, Stephen (2008-09-20)
  • Liakata, Maria; Saha, Shyamasree; Dobnik, Simon; Batchelor, Colin; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich (2012-04-01)
    Motivation: Scholarly biomedical publications report on the findings of a research investigation. Scientists use a well-established discourse structure to relate their work to the state of the art, express their own ...
  • Guo, Yufan; Korhonen, Anna; Liakata, Maria; Silins, Ilona; Hogberg, Johan; Stenius, Ulla (2011-03-08)
    Background Many practical tasks in biomedicine require accessing specific types of information in scientific literature; e.g. information about the results or conclusions of the study in question. Several schemes have been ...
  • Liakata, Maria; Teufel, Simone; Siddharthan, Advaith; Batchelor, Colin (2010-05-17)
  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa (Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), 2008-11-28)
    The guidelines discuss the annotation of General Scientific Concepts (GSCs) in the context of the ART project. The goal of the ART project is to provide an authoring tool to automatically translate scientific papers from ...
  • Byrne, Emma Louise; Liakata, Maria; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Oliver, Stephen G.; Rowland, Jeremy John; Aubrey, Wayne; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Sparkes, Andrew Charles; Young, Michael; Markham, Magdalena; Clare, Amanda Janet; Pir, Pinar; King, Ross Donald (2009-08-21)
    In their 19 June letter ('Machines fall short of revolutionary science,' p. 1515), P. W. Anderson and E. Abrahams, commenting on our work on the automation of science, state that we are 'seriously mistaken about the nature ...
  • King, Ross Donald; Liakata, Maria; Lu, Chuan; Oliver, Stephen G.; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna (2011-10-07)
    The reuse of scientific knowledge obtained from one investigation in another investigation is basic to the advance of science. Scientific investigations should therefore be recorded in ways that promote the reuse of the ...
  • Liakata, Maria (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2009-10-01)
  • Liakata, Maria (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2010-09-13)
  • Liakata, Maria (2010)
    A dissemination website for the findings and outputs of the SAPIENT Automation project and work continuing from there.
  • Sparkes, Andrew Charles; Aubrey, Wayne; Byrne, Emma Louise; Clare, Amanda Janet; Khan, Muhammed; Liakata, Maria; Markham, Magdalena; Rowland, Jem; Soldatova, Larisa Nikolaevna; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Young, Michael; King, Ross Donald (2010-01-04)
    We review the main components of autonomous scientific discovery, and how they lead to the concept of a Robot Scientist. This is a system which uses techniques from artificial intelligence to automate all aspects of the ...
  • Liakata, Maria (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2010)
    In view of the increasing need to facilitate processing the content of scientific papers, we present an annotation scheme for annotating full papers with zones of conceptualisation, reflecting the information structure and ...

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