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  • King, Ross Donald; Soldatova, Larisa (2005)
  • Soldatova, Larisa (Aberystwyth University, 2007)
    Ontologies have been proven as a solid theoretical foundation for the development of information systems. They provide consistency and comprehensibility of underlying logic and building blocks. We will use EXPO as a core ...
  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa (2009-04-29)
    The ART corpus consist of 225 papers manually annotated the CISP labels (i.e. "Goal", "Method", "Result"). The ART Corpus is >1 million words, 35,040 sentences. These papers cover topics in physical chemistry and biochemistry ...
  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa; Batchelor, Colin; Lewis, Stuart; Fielding, Helen; King, Ross Donald (2007)
    The paper describes initial work on an ontology based tool, ART, for the semantic annotation of papers stored in digital repositories. ART is intended for the annotation not only of data and metadata about a paper, but ...
  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa (Jisc, 2008-11-28)
    The guidelines discuss the annotation of General Scientific Concepts (GSCs) in the context of the ART project. The goal of the ART project is to provide an authoring tool to automatically translate scientific papers from ...
  • Soldatova, Larisa; Clare, Amanda; Sparkes, Andrew; King, Ross Donald (2006)
    Motivation: A Robot Scientist is a physically implemented robotic system that can automatically carry out cycles of scientific experimentation. We are commissioning a new Robot Scientist designed to investigate gene function ...
  • King, Ross Donald; Soldatova, Larisa (2006-12-22)
    The formal description of experiments for efficient analysis, annotation and sharing of results is a fundamental part of the practice of science. Ontologies are required to achieve this objective. A few subject-specific ...
  • Soldatova, Larisa; Schierz, Amanda; King, Ross Donald (2007-04)
    The Brookhaven Protein Data Bank was once a pioneering database, but its organization of structural data is now outdated and in need of an upgrade.
  • Schierz, Amanda; Soldatova, Larisa; King, Ross Donald (2007-08)

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