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  • Labrosse, Frederic (Computer Science department, Aberystwyth University, 2006-03-16)
    In this report we present an algorithm to estimate the heading of a robot relative to a heading specified at the beginning of the process. This is done by computing the rotation of the robot between successive panoramic ...
  • Hardy, Nigel; Ahmad, Aftab (1999-06-01)
    ViSIAr (Virtual Sensor Integration Architecture) is an idealised framework for building sensing subsystems of flexible assembly and other robotic systems. This paper considers how it supports the design and analysis phase, ...
  • Neal, Mark (2006-04)
    A design for a sailing robot capable of holding station in a variety of wind and sea conditions is described. Results from experiments with an autonomously controlled small-scale prototype on a lake are also presented. The ...
  • Timmis, John; Neal, Mark (2003)
    Responses labelled as emotional in the higher animals are frequently portrayed as incidental to the generation of reasonable behavior. Clearly this view is incompatible with the reality of animal behavior as observed in ...

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