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  • Fychan, A. Rhun; Sanderson, Ruth; Theobald, Vince J.; Bakewell, Eleanor L.; Davies, David R. (2009)
  • Miller, L. A.; Moorby, Jon M.; Davies, David R.; Humphreys, Mervyn O.; Scollan, Nigel D.; MacRae, John C.; Theodorou, Michael K. (2001-12)
    Eight multiparous Holstein–Friesian dairy cows in late lactation were used to investigate the potential of using perennial ryegrass with a high concentration of water-soluble carbohydrate (WSC) to increase the efficiency ...
  • Yáñez-Ruiz, David Rafael; Moore-Colyer, Meriel Jean Scott; Longland, Annette C.; Walsh, C.; Bakewell, Eleanor L.; Kirk, A.; Grime, E.; Northover, A.; Davies, David R.; Griffith, Gareth W.; Newbold, Jamie (2004)
  • Merry, Roger J.; Davies, David R.; Moorby, Jon M.; Lee, Michael R. F.; Scollan, Nigel D.; Dewhurst, Richard J. (2003)
    The papers include general overviews concerning the future direction and priorities in forage crop breeding, as well as grassland and livestock research and knowledge transfer for developing profitable livestock systems ...
  • James, T. Y.; Kauff, Frank; Schoch, Conrad L.; Matheny, P. Brandon; Hofstetter, Valérie; Cox, Cymon J.; Celio, Gail; Gueidan, Cécile; Fraker, Emily; Miadlikowska, Jolanta; Lumbsch, H Thorsten; Rauhut, Alexandra; Reeb, Valérie; Arnold, A. Elizabeth; Amtoft, Anja; Stajich, Jason A.; Hosaka, Kentaro; Sung, Gi-Ho; Johnson, Desiree; O'Rourke, Ben; Crockett, Michael; Binder, Manfred; Curtis, Judd M.; Slot, Jason C.; Wang, Zheng; Wilson, Andrew W.; Schüsszligler, Arthur; Longcore, Joyce E.; O'Donnell, Kerry; Mozley-Standridge, Sharon E.; Porter, David; Letcher, Peter M.; Powell, Martha J.; Taylor, John W.; White, Merlin M.; Griffith, Gareth W.; Davies, David R.; Humber, Richard A.; Morton, Joseph B.; Sugiyama, Junta; Rossman, Amy Y; Rogers, Jack D.; Pfister, Donald H.; Hewitt, David; Hansen, Karen; Hambleton, Sarah; Shoemaker, Robert A.; Kohlmeyer, Jan; Volkmann-Kohlmeyer, Brigitte; Spotts, Robert A.; Serdani, Maryna; Crous, Pedro W.; Hughes, Karen W.; Matsuura, Kenji; Langer, Ewald; Langer, Gitta; Untereiner, Wendy A.; Lücking, Robert; Büdel, Burkhard; Geiser, David M.; Aptroot, André; Diederich, Paul; Schmitt, Imke; Schultz, Matthias; Yahr, Rebecca; Hibbett, David S.; Lutzoni, François; McLaughlin, David J.; Spatafora, Joseph W; Vilgalys, Rytas (2006-10-19)
    The ancestors of fungi are believed to be simple aquatic forms with flagellated spores, similar to members of the extant phylum Chytridiomycota (chytrids). Current classifications assume that chytrids form an early-diverging ...
  • Merry, Roger J.; Leemans, David K.; Davies, David R.; Dhanoa, M. S. (2002)
  • Johnson, Helen Elisabeth; Merry, Roger J.; Davies, David R.; Kell, Douglas B.; Theodorou, Michael K.; Griffith, Gareth W. (2005-01)
    Aims: To determine the utility of vacuum-packed polythene bags as a convenient, flexible and cost-effective alternative to fixed volume glass vessels for lab-scale silage studies. Methods and Results: Using perennial ...

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