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  • Doring, T. F.; Lev-Yadun, S.; Ougham, Helen J.; Leather, S. R.; Schaberg, P. G.; Archetti, Marco; Manetas, Y.; Thomas, Howard; Lee, D. W.; Hagen, S. B.; Hughes, N. M. (2009-03-01)
    Leaf colour change is commonly observed in temperate deciduous forests in autumn. This is not simply a side effect of leaf senescence, and, in the past decade, several hypotheses have emerged to explain the evolution of ...
  • Ougham, Helen J.; Canter, Peter H.; Donnison, Iain S.; Thomas, Howard (2002)
    Leaf senescence has an important role in the plant’s nitrogen economy. Chlorophyll catabolism is a visible symptom of protein mobilization. Genetic and environmental factors that interfere with yellowing tend to modify ...

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