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  • Hastings, Astley F.; Mos, Michal; Yesufu, Jalil A.; McCalmont, Jon; Schwarz, Kai-Uwe; Shafiei, Reza; Ashman, Chris; Nunn, Christopher; Schüle, Heinrich; Salvatore, Cosentino; Scalici, Giovanni; Scordia, Danilo; Wagner, Moritz; Clifton-Brown, John (2017-06-30)
    Growth in planted areas of Miscanthus for biomass in Europe has stagnated since 2010 due to technical challenges, economic barriers and environmental concerns. These limitations need to be overcome before biomass production ...
  • Clifton-Brown, John; Hastings, Astley; Mos, Michal; McCalmont, Jon; Ashman, Chris; Awty-Carroll, Danny; Cerazy, Joanna; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Cosentino, Salvatore; Cracroft-Eley, William; Scurlock, Jonathan; Donnison, Iain; Glover, Chris; Golab, Izabela; Greef, Jorg; Gwyn, Jeff; Harding, Graham; Hayes, Charlotte; Helios, Waldemar; Hsu, Tsai Wen; Huang, Lin; Jezownski, Stanislaw; Kim, Do-Soon; Kiesel, Andreas; Kotecki, Andrzej; Krzyzak, Jacek; Lewandowski, Iris; Lim, Soo Hyun; Liu, Jianxiu; Loosely, Marc; Meyer, Heike; Murphy-Bokern, Donal; Nelson, Walter; Pogrzeba, Marta; Robinson, George; Robson, Paul; Rogers, Charlie; Scalici, Giovanni; Schuele, Heinrich; Shafiei, Reza; Shevchuk, Oksana; Schwarz, Kai-Uwe; Squance, Michael; Swaller, Timothy; Thornton, Judith; Truckses, Thomas; Botnari, Vasile; Vizir, Igor; Wagner, Moritz; Warren, Robin; Webster, Richard; Yamada, Toshihiko; Youell, Susan; Xi, Qingguo; Zong, Junqin; Flavell, Richard (2017-01-01)
    Field trials in Europe with Miscanthus over the past 25 years have demonstrated that interspecies hybrids such as M. × giganteus (M × g) combine both high yield potentials and low inputs in a wide range of soils and climates. ...

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