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  • Scott, Ian Morris; Vermeer, Cornelia P.; Liakata, Maria; Corol, Delia I.; Ward, Jane L.; Lin, Wanchang; Johnson, Helen Elisabeth; Whitehead, Lynne; Kular, Baldeep; Baker, John M.; Walsh, Sean; Dave, Anuja; Larson, Tony R.; Graham, Ian A.; Wang, Trevor L.; King, Ross Donald; Draper, John; Beale, Michael H. (2010-08)
    Metabolite fingerprinting of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) mutants with known or predicted metabolic lesions was performed by 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance, Fourier transform infrared, and flow injection electrospray-mass ...
  • Ward, Jane L.; Forcat, Silvia; Beckmann, Manfred; Bennett, Mark; Miller, Sonia J.; Baker, John M.; Hawkins, Nathaniel D.; Vermeer, Cornelia Petronella; Lu, Chuan; Lin, Wanchang; Truman, William M.; Beale, Michael H.; Draper, John; Mansfield, John W.; Grant, Murray (2010-08)
    The outcome of bacterial infection in plants is determined by the ability of the pathogen to successfully occupy the apoplastic space and deliver a constellation of effectors that collectively suppress basal and ...

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