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  • Bishop, Gerard J.; Nagy, F.; Shibata, K.; Kozma-Bognar, L.; Yokota, T.; Szekeres, M.; Szatmari, A. M.; Castle, Julie; Bancos, S. (2006)
    Plant steroid hormones, brassinosteroids (BRs), are essential for normal photomorphogenesis. However, the mechanism by which light controls physiological functions via BRs is not well understood. Using transgenic plants ...
  • Bishop, Gerard J.; Nomura, Takahito; Montoya, Teresa; Castle, Julie; Harrison, Kate; Kushiro, Tetsuo; Kamiya, Yuji; Yamaguchi, Shinjiro; Bancos, S.; Szatmari, A. M.; Szekeres, Miklós (2006)
    BRs (brassinosteroids) are plant steroid hormones that are essential for normal plant development. The dramatic dwarfism exhibited by mutants in the CYP (cytochrome P450) enzymes involved in BR biosynthesis indicates a ...

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